Visionaries. Imaginarians. Creators.

United in a common purpose; the courage to create and execute experiences never imagined.

Our Brands

Our restaurant concepts are the heart of our Society. Each concept embodies our belief that

experience is everything.

In constant pursuit of ensuring every visit feels new, you’ll find us ideating, modifying and innovating in menu, design and beyond.

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Best-in-class dining and entertainment destinations that thrive as the heartbeat of their local communities.

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Deep in the heart of Texans is a burning desire to kick up your boots and connect. Explore a robust collection of rare whiskey and wines while savoring classic Texas steaks and dishes.

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We believe everything tastes better with whiskey and local ingredients. Our menu is infused with and inspired by local ingredients available each season.

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Texas comfort with a dash of urban style is the setting for seasonally-inspired Texas cuisine, whiskey and wine.

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Step into an Ida state-of-mind and break free from societal norms to embrace creativity through curated cuisine and experiences.

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The waffle fries are smothered, the shakes are down-right crave-able and the star of the show are the Wagyu sliders!

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Whether it’s a weekend brunch, laid-back lunch, or celebratory dinner, tap into the spirit of adventure and discovery over an abundance of seasonally inspired plates perfectly paired with 60 wines on our sustainable tap system.

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A celebration of Mexico’s rich culinary heritage, featuring vibrant and bold flavors made from scratch with the freshest ingredients available.

Our Leaders

Our Impact

Let’s face it, we’re humble, and we love to humble-brag about our brands, people, and what we are up to. Visit our Press Room to read about our latest endeavors.

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Our Lab

The home to our soon to be concepts, drunken dreams & futuristic fantasies. Need a dose of inspiration or concept creation? We’ve got that covered too.